Vote Like Your Life Depends on it. Because it does.

Today, in the US, your vote matters. If it didn’t, the prevailing power wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress it.

White women – this message is especially for you – please, please, please don’t vote against your own self interest. Don’t vote for Trump. He is an awful, awful person who has proven time and time again that he does NOT care about you. Not even a little bit. You own your vote, so use it like your life depends on it. Use it like your daughter is LGBTQIA2S+. Use it like your son is afraid to be pulled over for no reason and killed. Use it like your babies have been taken away from you and locked in a cage.

I am not getting my hopes up that people will vote kindness in 2020, because it does not seem to be the way that things have gone this year. I am just really, really hoping you all prove me wrong.

Posted @withregram • @shopsonyabees Respect your right to vote! Every vote counts. You have the power to decide on the quality of life you want for yourself and future generations💪🏾 #vote #election2020 #votebidenharris2020 #dumptrump #votekindness #votelikeyourlifedependsonit #democratsabroad #democracy #lgbtq🌈 #womensupportingwomen #voteforchange #kalidesautelsreads

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