COVID Test Came Back Negative, But He Is Still Staying Home.

This kid’s COVID test came back negative, thank goodness. He has his usual back to school cold/flu.

I feel like it bears noting that he got sick regardless of following the safety guidelines that were mandated to schools for Fall. He wears his mask, he washes his hands, and he is in a classroom as socially distanced as is humanly possible for a school built long before global quarantines were a thing.

If he could get sick WITH regular hand washing, an all day mask, and a classroom that is as socially distanced as possible, imagine how it would be for an immune compromised person. Imagine how a case of COVID could spread in the classroom without any safeguards.

Imagine how much worse it could be if he wasn’t made to wear a mask, and wash his hands, and stay within his own learning group.

Imagine how stressed out the teachers and administrators must be, trying to enforce these rules, while being criticized by parents and the rest of the general public for not doing enough.

We know stress lowers our immunity. We know that germs will happen, but why on earth would we not do whatever we could to lower the likelihood of spreading them?

I know that his cold is just a cold, but I will not be sending him back to school until his symptoms clear up. I will send him back to school with his mask, and hand sanitizer and a reminder to social distance when he is feeling better, because even with just a cold, spreading it means that more kids and teachers run the risk of getting sick with a cold, forcing them and their parents to take time off, to go get tested, to have the anxiety of “is this COVID?”.

So please, out of courtesy to your family, friends, and neighbours, mask up. Sanitize your hands. Stay home when you are feeling sick.

And above all, as the good Dr. Bonnie Henry advises – Be calm. Be kind. Be safe.

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