Rest In Peace, Justice Ginsburg. And above all, just rest.

Justice Ginsburg was a powerhouse, and continued working into her late 80s to try to keep the bench as balanced as she could.

No one should go through the pain of late stage metastatic pancreatic cancer, while also knowing that the balance of power in her nation depended on her ability to continue to do her job.

She remains a great hero of my life, and I am appalled, but not at all shocked by the disregard and disrespect shown her loss by the GOP.

If you expected any class or dignity from that administration, you haven’t been paying attention for years.

Let’s all try to remember what Michelle Obama said – “when they go low, we go high”. It’s painful, but we must try to remember and honour RBG’s quiet resolve by refusing to lower ourselves to the level of the muckrakers and fear mongers.

We are grieving, and this classless and outclassed group of people cannot be allowed to bring us down to tha nastiness and name calling for which they are known.

Rest In Peace, Justice Ginsburg. And above all, rest knowing that you have done more than anyone should ever have to.

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