Growing Up :(

My baby is going into her last year before high school. Seriously not ready for my little one to be so grown up!!!

Struggling with mean girls and body image and fashion and school and all the things preteen girls seem to struggle with, and the added bonus of COVID is making her less excited about back to school than I wish for her to be, but it will be ok. It has to be. She has a village of strong women and men who love her and model strength and cheer her on.

In the meantime, I can just cuddle her and help her organize the disaster of clothes in her bedroom and get ready for another year.

#backtoschool2020 #mybabies #growingup #ittakesavillage #kiddos #meangirls #covid19 #love #lovemygirl #mybabyboy #grade7 #auntiesarethebest #unclety #kalidesautelsreads

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