I am no expert

My book has been out in the world for almost 3 months now. It has been downloaded to from Kindle Unlimited, it has been purchased in paperback, it has been read on the Kindle app in places across the world. I was completely shocked to see it was being read by people in Brazil and India, because I don’t even know people who live there, so they couldn’t be my mom! (Who is, as always, my biggest supporter and the person who purchased the most books from my sold list! ❤️)

What does it mean to have my book in the world? It means that when I look on my bookshelf I can see my name on the spine of a real book. It means that friends and family reach out and tell me that they feel like they know me better for it. It is a new way of presenting information and allowing people who ordinarily wouldn’t have read my blog to read and hear my stories.

It means normalizing things that I was once afraid to talk about: mental health, feminism, politics, motherhood, marriage, goals. Am I an expert on any of those topics? Of course, and of course not! I am an expert insofar as we are all experts of our own lives. I am an expert in the day to day living of the stories in this book. But I am not an expert on the field of mental health, I am not a feminist scholar, I am not a doctor, I am not a politician, I am not a marriage counsellor, I am not a childhood expert. I am just me.

But if you like my content, or enjoy my blog, and find it relatable, I am asking you to please check out my book! 🙂

Check out my book here!

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