Happy 64th Birthday, Dad

Happy birthday, Dad

Thank you for believing that I had more talent or skill than I ever did. Thank you for teaching me that hard work is hard work, but worth doing. Thank you for teaching me to be proud of my Métis heritage. Thank you for waking me up in the middle of the night to see the first snowfall. Thank you for laying in the dark looking at comets and searching for shooting stars. Thank you for teaching me that having a book with you at all times is worth it. Thank you for always being “wonderful” and for being full of wonder.

You’ve had a very significant and a very full life. You’ve been homeless, and you’ve built businesses. You watched Dad TV, and now I find that I am doing the same, even Star Trek, most times when I turn on the TV. You told me that I could make a big difference in the world. You told me that my voice mattered. I am finally learning to do this.

Happy birthday, dad. I hope you enjoy your coffee and books. I hope you enjoyed your day. Love you always, your first born.

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