Fibro Flare Friday – 2nd edition

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Fibro Flare Friday! Today we are looking at how and why my body hates me!

For those who are new, Fibro Flare Friday is the day of the week when my brain and/or my body takes it upon itself to remind me that I have fibromyalgia! This reminder is always exciting and most welcome because it brings with it:

  • migraines
  • aching joints
  • irritated skin
  • breakouts
  • mental fog
  • neck and jaw pain
  • the feeling that even my hair hurts
  • fatigue
  • blurry, unfocused vision

And those are just today’s symptoms!! Sometimes, when I win the lottery, I get to add debilitating depression and/or anxiety to the above.

Why does my body hate me? Well, doctors don’t know exactly why – it could have been:
A) a childhood virus
B) stress
C) something that I ate
D) an extension of my other chronic illnesses
E) an injury
F) psychological trauma
G) chemical imbalance
H) lack of sleep
I) giving birth
J) an operation
K) death of a loved one
L) no flipping idea, but have you tried yoga?

All in all, fibromyalgia is a ball of fun. You can see it in my face. Look at all that fun. Nothing like it.

If you have questions about fibromyalgia, please know that fibromyalgia is the disease that they diagnose when they run out of options. There is definitely something wrong with you, but they can’t figure out what or why. So you are diagnosed with essentially generalized joint and muscle pain. And then you go to yoga.

Be patient. It’s the diagnosis of no diagnosis, but over time, science figures these things out. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, they weren’t sure what caused it either, but now they have entire diets based around what to eat for thyroid health. I mean, back in the days that my sister studies, they thought that our health was determined by humours.

So one day they may know what causes it and why my body hates me, but in the meantime – have you tried yoga?

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