Do The Work Challenge – Day 3

#DoTheWork Challenge Day 3 – before we can be anti-racist, we need to see what white privilege has wrought on our BIPOC brothers and sisters.

I cannot stress enough how much I value this challenge full of curated content by Rachel Cargle. Danielle and I are doing this and I sincerely hope that you will join in!

When we say that Black Lives Matter, we need to understand that “matter” is the minimum. We need to do the work to clean up centuries of oppression, and some of that is uncomfortable- like watching a video of a lynching, or seeing the destroyed face of Emmett Till, or hearing people declare that segregation is “right”, or seeing that the prison industrial complex is an economic advantage to white supremacy by using BIPOC as slave labour, even in countries where slavery is illegal.

I will include a link below to Ms. Cargle’s page, and I hope you join us in unlearning white supremacy.

Rache Cargle

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