Do The Work Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 of Rachel Cargle’s 30 Day #DoTheWork Challenge.

It is not her job as a WOC to teach me how to be a good person; how to care about the foundations of white supremacy; how to face the advantages that people like me – people who present as white – enjoy simply because people see me as a white woman; how these advantages are causing direct harm to my Indigenous brothers and sisters, and other BIPOC.

It is not her job, but she has done this nonetheless. She has created teachings and lessons and writings on this very subject, and she has made much of it available for free or by donation.

So not only has she done this for us, but she is asking for nothing in return other than for us to learn and DO THE WORK.

For us to take our knee off of her neck.

So please, please, please, please join me in this learning. And join me in expressing the deepest gratitude to her for doing all this work to clean up OUR mess.

Because she shouldn’t have to.

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