Sleeping Is Hard

My Boy

Sleeping is hard. To be asleep is magical but sleeping is hard.

To be asleep, you are inside your own mind, filled with fantastical and grotesque imaginings. Sleeping, or to fall asleep means that you must battle the fantastical or grotesque imaginings that stand in your way.

Sleeping is hard. To sleep, the tension must slip off, and the thoughts that interfere must fade into dust. To sleep, you must close your eyes and breathe slowly; breathe deeply. To be asleep, your breathing naturally slows; breathing becomes shallow and measured.

To be asleep is magical, but sleeping is hard. To be asleep, you process your life in ways unfathomable to the waking mind. To be asleep, your panic or fear manifests itself in terrifying ways, but not traumatically; never traumatically because you will wake up and the terror will fade to dust.

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