Dr Bonnie Henry Deserves Our Admiration

Dr Bonnie Henry is the most calming force of 2020. Leading BC through the ongoing COViD-19 pandemic, her calm, clear, and kind leadership has been a force that has flattened the curve in our province more quickly than anyone could have anticipated.

She has been working for nearly 200 days straight, providing daily press briefings live on air, with both statistics, facts and an overall sense of both urgency and understanding. She has avoided fear mongering, resisted calls to police social distancing protocols, and has made this unusual life event less surreal and more understandable than anyone I have seen or read.

For that reason, in addition to her lifelong experiential bank of knowledge and skill, in addition to her killer sense of style, I have developed the biggest woman crush on Dr Henry. She is a role model for leadership, strength, resilience, and quiet sense of humour.

I hope that when history remembers this insane time in our lives, Dr Henry is more than just a footnote. She will go down, at least in my book, as one of the leaders that helped reduce the spread of this virus, and has joined the pantheon of women that I hold as role models.

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