What Can Make Me Feel This Way? My Girl, My Girl, My Girl

UnicornBabyRoses TikTok

I dreamed of her before I met her.

I dreamed of a funny, bright, clever, amazing, strong daughter.

I dreamed of raising a girl who was like and unlike me – a girl with some of good traits and all the strength and confidence that I had only dreamed of having.

I dreamed of a daughter that would laugh with me and dance with me in the kitchen.

I dreamed of a daughter who laughed loudly, and was unashamed of her light.

I dreamed of her.

I dreamed that I would be a mama with a spirited girl who I could love, who would love me as well.
The universe made my dream come true, bringing me the light that is my sweet girl.

We laugh together, and dance in the kitchen.

She has a loud, beautiful laugh.

She is brave and strong and kind and funny as hell.

She is my dream daughter multiplied by infinite and infinite and infinite.

She makes me laugh and makes me think and loves me almost as much as I love her.

She challenges me and scares me and fills me with pride.

I dreamed of her, and I learned that I did not dream nearly big enough to encompass this dream daughter.

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