Day I-Gave-Up and Rachel Hollis Was Still There For Me

2 years ago I met and fell in love with Girl, Wash Your Face. Like in LOVE love. I don’t think there is a single person that I know that I didn’t either lend this book, give this book, or recommend this book to. I adore it. I can relate to it, and it sets me on fire – in a good way, not a self-immolation way. I have read it multiple times, and follow Rachel Hollis and her family religiously on social media and podcasts. I love them. I adore them. I admire them. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been super anxious and overwhelmed (I know. Clearly it’s just me, because no one else feels like the Fresh Prince with their lives flipped, turned upside down…) and my husband Dave pointed out that I have been listening to some really, really, REALLY depressing and anxiety-inducing books lately. At first I thought “no way! What I listen to isn’t affecting my mood!!”, then I thought about it and realized it is like consumption of any kind – if I listen to books about awful things, awful things will be on my mind. Under normal circumstance, that’s no big deal because I have regular life to temper the intensity. But now? Now there is no normal, so the intensity is not tempered at all.

It got me thinking about motivation – when I listened to Girl, Wash Your Face in 2018, I got so fired up it wasn’t even funny – I became dedicated and excited and tried to do all the things I had ever wanted to try but to anxious to actually do. Today, I knew I wanted to start my yard work, and needed to do some housekeeping, but also knew I really just wanted to lay down. So I took Dave’s words into account, pulled up audible and searched for one of my very first audible selections.

I found today, 2 years and 5 readings later, that Girl, Wash Your Face and Rachel Hollis’ enthusiasm and personal goals still resonates so hard with me. And I can feel that beautiful flame beginning to flicker again. I can feel my motivation beginning to spark, and best of all, I kept my promises to myself and got to gardening with my boy, and did some housework. I kept my promise to myself. Rach would be proud.

#rachelhollis #read

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