Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

If the last few years of chaos on this planet has brought anything of value to the world it is the new wave of feminism that is rolling through.

We are organizing and activating and empowering and advocating and marching and suing and standing up and shouting and writing and photographing and supporting and defending and believing and encouraging and dedicating and making and breaking and baring and singing and letting ourselves be seen. We are holding hands with our sisters and are mad as hell. We are recognizing that there is no one way to be a woman.

There is no lady like. As women we are strong, and sweet, and fierce, and brave, and timid, and loud, and shy, and beautiful, and thin, and fat, and made up, and natural, and have acne, and flawless skin, and wear heels, and wellies, and paint our nails, and flip the bird, and wear diamonds, and have tattoos, and are mothers, and are child free, and are sisters, and wives, and girlfriends, and daughters, and straight, and gay, and transgendered, and are models, and truckers, and teachers, and CEOs, and farmers. We are partners, and we are self-partnered, and we are proud, and we are smart, and we are every where and everyone.

To my fierce, beautiful, brave, funny, iconic, intelligent, artistic, creative, kind, clever and amazing ladies, I love you and respect you and will always be here for you. Today is for you.

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