If The Rock Retweeted Your Post

Basically. Life is life. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it rocks. Sometimes it’s comme ci, comme ça. If your minute is sucking right now, please know it’s a minute. If your minute is amazing, celebrate the freaking hell out of it!!! That’s life – no matter how you look at it – as a wheel, as a graph, whatever, there are ups and downs. You’re supposed to cry. You’re supposed to laugh. You’re supposed to stub your toe and drop things. You’re supposed to burst with happiness and smell your baby’s hair. You’re even allowed to do all those things at once. No, I’m not advocating dropping babies, but if your baby slid off your lap this morning, kiss her and stop beating yourself up. If you dropped your phone and cracked it because you were so excited that @therock retweeted your post – it’s ok! The freaking Rock retweeted your post! Of course you dropped your damn phone! That’s life.

One minute at a time.

Repost @think.positive.official

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