Haaappy Birthday, Heather

You are 30 today. My very first friend who was born in the ‘90s. You are hunting down coffee in the city of light and waiting to experience all the beauty of our favourite city on the earth. We shared so much in 2019, most of it tearful and hard, but some of it also the most beautiful moments of the year. Years ago, you tattooed « She believed she could, so she did. » to your left side rib, and as you enter your 30th year, I know you can and you will. I am grateful to have you as my friend, and I can never thank you enough for all the times that you held my hand not just last year, but in all the years I have been blessed to know you. I believe that 2020 will bring beautiful, amazing things, forged in the fire of 2019. I believe that stepping into your 30th year in your favourite place with your favourite people is a harbinger of what is in front of you. I believe that your strength, physical and emotional, is an example to other women. I believe that you will succeed. I believe that you will find your path. I believe you can, and I know you will.

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for Wanderlust and spa days and crying and laughing and blockbuster and geeking out and yoga and books and wine and kindness and laughter and coffee and hotels and bathrobes and Seth/Snoop and tiktok and new moons and Instagram and selfies and dancing and lipstick and all the other tiny things that make you you and that I have to joy of sharing with you. Haaappy 30th birthday. I really, really love you.

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