SUP Yoga

What do you see here? A bunch of people trying out SUP Yoga? Some succeeding better than others, some zen and some trying not to fall in? This is exactly that, but it is also me jumping so far out of my comfort zone, that I left it on the shore behind me. I have never been on a stand up paddle board in my life. I am still in the nascence of redeveloping my yogic strength and balance, so the idea of attempting a Teddy bear stand, or wheel pose on a rocking inflatable board over cold mountain water was absolutely terrifying. Which meant stiffening and over correcting my balance and posture, but in the end, I did not fall in. I stayed on my board, I breathed fresh air, and floated on water that was still (less the rocking caused by me and the other SUP Yogis), and am proud of myself for trying something new.

I think before I try this again, I will practice being on a SUP and get the feel for it. But hey – at least I want to try it again! ❤️

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