September Mood

Hello September! My sister and I were discussing recently how September feels like a new beginning , a new year and an opportunity to start fresh. Tomorrow, the kids go back to school, I will be back at work, Dave will be arranging a part time schedule, and we will reach the 11 month milestone since Dave announced his illness to us.

We are honouring this new beginning with fresh haircuts, decluttering the house, prepping a week’s worth of meals, and joyful anticipation of things to come.

Plans for this month include:

• F.I.T Lifestyle #LoseTheBoozeAndMove challenge

• Refocusing on my job

• The kids’ activities • Dave returning to work part time

• Yoga 3 times a week

• Train with @liznacc twice a week

• 7 hours of sleep

• More water, less pop

How about you? Do you see the emergence of Fall as a new beginning? How do you celebrate?

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