Life Will Always Be Sweet

2019 has sucked, but life is sweet. Earlier this year, when the third of 90 bazillion kicks in the teeth that 2019 has provided had occurred Danielle and I texted each other and said that if Dave survived his rectal cancer and Ty found a new job or started his company, we would get sucker tattoos together to show that we survived the year that threw us down the stairs and laughed as we smacked our heads all the way down.

Danielle and I have leaned on each other this year, even more than we usually do, and so, this week we went and got out suckers. Because 2019 sucked, but it was also sweet. Our suckers are full of meaning to us, including the blue cancer ribbon details, and remind us that once again – we survived this year, we can survive LITERALLY anything. (For the record, Danielle’s is identical, just bigger and in a different position.)

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