I Love My Son

Thankful that I get to call this boy my son. The quietest and most affectionate of my two kids, this guy has a wicked sense of humour, and a sharp wit. He has been figuring out how things work since he was old enough to realize he wasn’t alone in the world. At 2 he told us that Mickey Mouse was a guy in a costume, at 4 he pointed out that the Elf on the Shelf has a tag on his butt and must be a doll, and has existential conversation about heaven and life on a regular basis, he is also imaginative and creative. He notices things in great detail, when you think he is distracted, and then is distracted from ordinary things when you assume that he was listening. He keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, and is still willing to curl up into a little ball on my lap and whisper “I love you, mama”.

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