How Do You Adapt?

What do you do when things change? How to you adapt? How do you regroup?

Me? I change my hair. I dye, chop it, curl it, straighten it. Doesn’t really matter what I do to it, as long as it is different. The reddish brown of the summer that was as long as all get out that I wore through the summer is gone. A change is as good as a rest and so now I have watched a YouTube video and chopped it myself. A month later? I have dyed it plummy black. I do not always know how it will turn out, and I definitely do not always love the change, but it feels worth it. And besides – it’s only hair. It will grow out, or back, or can be covered up or tied back.

With 2 months left in 2019, I am not holding my breath that things will get easier or better or that I will suddenly be unburdened and calm, but I can always change my hair again. And that’s pretty much the same thing.

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