Fraser Valley Wine Tour

Sometimes the best way to spend the day is touring your own backyard. This weekend saw me with these 3 ladies, and my brother as the DD, touring the local wineries in the Fraser Valley – Blackwood Lane Vineyards & Winery, Glass House Estate Winery, Chaberton Estate Winery, and Backyard Vineyards. I still prefer white and pink wine, however, there is a particularly tasty $150 red wine at @blackwoodlane that I very much enjoyed. Between the giggles, the broken down van, the cheeses and charcuteries and my amazing husband driving out to rescue us when the van broke down, and discussing the pros and cons of backyard chicken coops, it was a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, a new job, a cancer remission, and the glue that holds everything together (@ddduperron – that’s you). If you are in the British Columbia Fraser/Campbell Valley Area, take the time to visit some of our local wineries. In BC, our wines tend to be on the dry side, due to the way that grapes are grown and the seasons and weathers in which they grow, but they are worth a try, and it is amazing to have the opportunity to meet the winemakers and gain first hand knowledge.

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