Cancer-Free Cake

Happy First Day of the Rest of Our Lives! Yesterday, we received the mind bendingly amazing news that Dave is in remission from Stage Three Colorectal Cancer. Our daughter made a celebratory “F*ck Cancer” cake, and we shared the news far and wide. I have literally not felt this happy since well before we finally had a diagnosis for his health troubles in December 2018.

There will be no more treatment. No more chemo. We are now at the recovery phase. The recovery and monitor phase where we can see how he does over the next three months. The phase where we focus our attention on the ileostomy and life with an ostomy pouch. I have both of my kids with me – albeit hanging out with their friends. My husband is working on his wood burning, for the amount of energy he can expend, and I feel at peace.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! I hope that whatever pain you are going through will resolve itself in a way that also brings you peace.

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