13 Years of Marriage

13 years ago today Baby Kali and Baby Dave married. We had no idea what being married was about, other than we got to be together all of the time, live in our own house, and eventually have kids. We did not think about job changes, and health challenges, and the fact that our kids would have minds of their own. We just figured we would be married and everything would be great.

And for the most part, that’s true. If there is anything that this past year has taught us, is that even when we are annoyed with each other, or in the depths of pain, or angry, or scared, or, or, or, there is no one we want beside us more than each other. His smile, when his dimples show and his blue and brown eye sparkle, his laugh, his passion for his work, his ability to make the kids squeal with laughter, his desire to always keep learning, his arms around me when I am sad, a kiss on my forehead tickled by his beard, his insistance that soccer is football, his obsessive need to have everything lined up and sorted, his willingness to paint our front door red, our kitchen purple, and our backdoor teal because it will make me smile, the fact that he always smells like cedar and Douglas fir (and therefore Christmas), his attention to detail, and the way he listens to me chattering without judging, our inane conversations entirely spoken in Monty Python quotes, and his desire to always be honourable – those are the things we did not know. Those are the things that make our marriage, and that 13 years after this picture was taken, we still actively choose everyday to be in this marriage together.

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