The Last Panic Attack of 2019

As 2019 closes, I am grateful to be spending time with my beloveds. I am grateful that I have family and friends who understand that working through chronic migraines can lead to frustration and anxiety. I am grateful to the inventors of Ativan for the quick relief of anxiety attacks that hit suddenly when I am in a space filled with love, family, and rich, creative, magical joy. I am grateful to my parents for the experience of a life time watching Luzia by Cirque du Soleil (our very first cirque experience). I am grateful to my husband for placing a cool, calming hand at my chest reminding me to breathe deeply. I am grateful for my baby boy cuddling and kissing me, grounding me. I am grateful for my meditation practice that allowed me to draw into myself as I waited for the pharmaceutical intervention to kick in.

If ever there was a time when the magic and wonder of Cirque du Soleil could have a spellbinding effect, I am grateful that it was today, and that I was in the audience to receive that energy.

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