The Coolest Girl I Know

Woman Crush Wednesday – you know the coolest girl you know, who happens to be the strongest girl you know, who happens to look like a model, lift weights like the Rock, has the greatest smile with clinically perfect teeth, who cares enough to get mad at you when you need it, and loves you enough to sit on she floor with you while your world falls apart? You know the woman who is the person you can’t wait to tell something funny to, because her laugh is so infectious? You know the person who gets that you need to move her cup ever so slightly to one side to take an Instagram picture before you eat? The one who puts Christmas records on before she necessarily wants to because she knows it will make you happy? The one you can give the world’s worst game hint to and she will get it right away? The girl who is quietly fighting her own house fires while handing out shock blankets and hosing down yours? The girl who makes you laugh til you fall over crying, and that you can text and know that she will send the perfect gif in response?

This is her. Danielle is that girl. I’m just so lucky that she is that girl to me.

Also – she is going to roll her eyes and gag at this… but that’s just her. And I love everything about her.

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