TBT – Wanderlust Whistler

#TBT to the happiest I felt all year in 2019. Day 2 of Wanderlust in Whistler in August. Heather and I were granted scholarships and spent a day and a half stretching and smiling and meditating. It was the push I needed for the next leg of the marathon that has been this year.

As we head into the last month of 2019, I am hopeful that there will be more days like this. More days where the peace in my heart overwhelms me, and I relax into my life. More days where my gratitude overpowers the anxiety and pain. More days where the air is clean and my head is clear.

#wanderlustwhistler #wanderlust #whistler #museintimacy #muse #angel #angelwings #wings #colour #muralart #colorful #gratitude #love #yoga #yogiclife #travel #happinessšŸ˜ #kalidesautelsreads

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