Setting A Reminder

There is something about seeing this reminder in my calendar that both encourages me and intimidates me. It blocks off time in my calendar to dedicate to myself, which encourages me and reminds me throughout the day that I have a plan and have made a promise to myself. It also intimidates me and sets my brain on a non-stop loop of talking myself into and out of actually attending my class.

When I sign up, my mind says “yes! This is great, you can do this! It will feel so good afterwards! You are soooo motivated!!” About 4.5 hours later, my mind says “what?? You actually intend to do A THING after work?? You haven’t seen the kids all day, and you have to clean up the kitchen! Oh, and have you even given a thought to the laundry??? Seriously! You don’t have time for this nonsense, cancel the class before it’s too late!!”

I will then wrestle with how many things I can fit into my 4 hours after work BEFORE my workout… and tell myself “you can TOTALLY do all the things and still go to yoga/workout/Nacc! Stop being ridiculous! You have sooooo much time!”… and then I miss the first train, which cuts into the 4 hours and I am back to “what on earth, woman?? Do you even remember what your blog looks like?? When was the last time you actually did some freaking work?? Oh, and did you forget about the laundry??? And your kids have been text tattling (yep, it is now a thing. Seriously. 21st Century momlife), so you know they will have soooo much to tell you when you get home, and it will be time for homework and mediating, and chores! Who the hell has time for meditating???”

This goes on and on and on, and usually only ends when I text someone and tell them I am going, or actually go and put my gear on, alerting my mind, my family, and anyone else who has input that this is happening.

My resolve is okay, but a space of time blocked off in the family calendar means it is more likely to happen. And seriously? The laundry will still be there. It will ALWAYS be there. I will die with a mountain of laundry still in my hallway.

But maybe not as soon if I listen to my reminders. 😉

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