Less Than A Week Until Christmas

In less than a week, Christmas will be here. Usually it isn’t Christmas itself that brings me the most joy, it is the month and a half of anticipation, sparkle, and music that excites me. I love seeing trees erected, and fluffy (usually artificial) snowflakes, and hearing carols, and yes, even Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas. I love helping to wrap gifts, and knowing that the things that I have managed to find for my family and friends will make them smile. I have never understood when people say “I don’t know how Christmas snuck up on me!” I always thought “good grief… it’s the same date every year! How do you NOT know Christmas is so soon??” This year, I know. I finally understand – in the midst of job hunting, and flus, and mothering, and all the other things, I did not even have lights hung on my porch. We put up our tree. We have watched a handful of movies. My kids wrote cards and wrapped gifts, they sang in a concert, my daughter did a Christmas recital. But other than that, Christmas, for the first time in my nearly 4 decades of life, has snuck up on me. And just as with every other thing this year, I have had to rely on my family to ensure that Christmas happens for my kids.

So today, while the kids enjoy special one on one time with Ty and Danielle, I will be prepping food for the week, dealing with the flu to end all flus, and wrapping anything that is left. I will put myself into the Christmas spirit, and I will try to gently prepare myself for my favourite time of the year.

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