Back To Everest

Day 5 – Mike lost his head, and Michelle and Katie are very blurry… I may not have the hang of my new portrait mode just yet… These 3 literally dragged me out of bed to walk this morning (nope, believe me, I understand the difference between literally and figuratively. Literally is the right word). We walked and I introduced them to Everest. They are now clear on why it is Everest 🤣

Then spent the day meal prepping for the week… it’s been a Sunday. I convinced Katie to keep coming back by dangling the horses as a carrot… she will not miss out on horses to save her life.

#fitlifestylelosetheboozeandmove #100daystoslay #walk #health2020 #january #literally #figuratively #katielovesthecritters #horses #believeinyourselfalways #lovetheseones #sorrymike #selfiefail #kalidesautelsreads

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