2019 Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

HELLO INSTAWORLD!!! I am FREEEE! What do you call a year that sees your husband diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, your family and chosen family suffer from ALL. THE. STUFF., and just when you think you’ve rounded the corner… you lose your flipping job!?!? HEY! It’s 2019, baby! This year there has been no waiting for the other shoe to drop, it has been raining fracking shoes all year! Why dodge them suckers? They’re coming whether you dodge them or not… so what do we do??? We pour some wine, learn how to make a Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg special, yoga all the time, and listen to Christmas carols all. Damn. Day. And most definitely start counting down to 2020.

My sister offered me this affirmation on Sunday, and I have whole heartedly accepted it. To the point that this is my lock screen – which we have determined is both inspirational and pretty darn aggressive!

#icanandiwill #watchme #2019sucks #2019 #affirmations #rainingshoes #raining #danceintherain #theothershoe #cancersucks #donewithallthis #2020please #2020 #family #chosenfamily #allthewine #sethrogan #snoopdogg #kalidesautelsreads

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