“Do All Things With Love”

Do all things with love. What does that mean to you? Love for yourself? Love for your family? Love for your friends? Love for humanity? Love for your job? Love for Mother Earth? Love for your God? Love for animals?

For me it means all of those:

•love myself = mental, spiritual, and physical health

•love my family = walking along side each one as much as possible, helping where I can, listening where I can, or sending incessant gifs wherever (in)appropriate

•love my friends = listening to them, helping where I can, genuinely caring for them, thoughtful gifts (I was raised with “little I love you’s” and giving is definitely one of my love languages)

•love for humanity = do all things with kindness, speak for those who cannot, and in essence – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Or as Michelle Obama says “when they go low, we go high”. Respect the cultures, beliefs, and pain suffered by others, and learn from it. Learn it well and without defensiveness.

•love my job = do my tasks to the best of my ability, be available, and genuinely, truly care about the outcome of my tasks. Respect the organization by sharing our good works whenever possible, and striving to bring success to my team

•love for Mother Earth = lowering my carbon footprint, teaching my children and modelling low waste behaviours, making small changes every day to respect her, and take moments every day to appreciate her in all her beauty, in all her turmoil, in all her spirit

•love my God = remaining connected to my spiritual, optimistic, and ritualistic beliefs.

•love for animals = creating an environment where they are safe and loved. A space where they are not harmed for frivolity. This one has taken me the longest to achieve. I spent most of my life ranging from fearful of to ambivalent to animals. It is only with the adoption and eventual mutual love for my ragamuffin Timon that I have learned to appreciate and find beauty in most animals (and also through Rhe Rhe. She is seriously persuasive!!!)

« Do everything in love » ~ First Corinthians 16:14

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