We Stand With You

In recent history, Canadian identity has had the underlying theme of being NOT American. What is the Canadian Identity? Well, first of all we are not American. Beyond that, some people are unsure of what we are. The past 2 years have reinforced to me over and over and over how glad I am to be “not American”. I question the sanity of even travelling to a country where the man in charge has threatened to “destroy” his closest neighbours, but willingly sits with Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin. That said, it is while this nonsensical rabbit hole to a not to distant history Old White Boys Club of politics has opened up and swallowed our southern neighbours that we Canadians must stand with and shout angrily for our sisters and brothers to the South. We must advocate for them as we do our sister in India, and the Congo, and Colombia. I am so angry to have had my basest fears of the America that exists next door to me come to fruition AGAIN today. 2 years ago, I truly did not believe that this could be where the world is headed; now I know that it is a disappointing state of being that we need to rally against. Women, men, people of colour, LGBTQ+, immigrants, anyone who disagrees with the current administration are not safe and as the chips become more and more stacked, please remember that you are not alone. The rest of the World hears you and I can honestly say, we stand with you.

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