A League of Their Own

Today, it was Mama’s turn to pick out the show for family movie night. In light of current events, a desire to introduce our kids to history, including WWII, while still enjoying a family friendly film, I chose one of my very favourite movies, A League of Their Own. If you don’t know, this is a movie about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (I genuinely don’t think they could have come up with a longer or more sexist name if they had tried, but I digress), who entertained fans while North American men were fighting in WWII. They were the Rosie the Riveters of sport – intended to do the job until the men came back to do it “better”.

My take aways from watching this 26 year old movie with my kids are: 1) my daughter struggled the make sense of why the women would have to choose between their kids, spouses, and baseball; 2) both of my kids did not understand what was supposed to be so funny about revealing Marla Hooch’s face near the beginning – they said she isn’t ugly, she just looks scared; 3) neither of them could grasp why they would be sent back to the kitchens after the “boys came back”, as they figured there were probably enough baseballs for everyone; 4) my daughter wondering how on earth anyone could play baseball in a miniskirt. My ultimate greatest takeaway? That I have great kids, and 🤞they are being raised to understand that everyone is equal, everyone has worth, to look past someone’s face and see the emotion that is there, and that there is room in this world for both of them.



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