Your Dream is Taking Too Long?

You Are Giving Up Because Your Dream Is Taking Too Long?

And the coinciding video!!

I’m not even going to pretend, you guys – my WCW is Rachel Hollis this week. Not even just this week… seriously, she is my flipping #wce …

Thank you, Rach, for keeping me on the path!

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This one is for all of my dreamers and hustlers and doers and builders who are feeling discouraged today. This is for anyone who feels like they keep trying and trying and not getting anywhere. This is for anyone who wants to give up right now because it’s taking too long. It’s not taking too long! It’s taking exactly as long as it’s supposed to! I started blogging in 2008… I started the business I blogged about in 2005. You’re looking at 13 years of hustle— not to mention the 22 years of dreaming before that. Your legacy won’t be built in six months or even a few years but you’ll never know who you can become if you don’t KEEP GOING!!! 👊🏻 Go watch the full motivational video through the link in my bio! #GirlWashYourFace #hustleandheart #MadeForMore #rachelhollis #legacy #build #grow #inspire #hustle #inspo #motivate #motivation #quotes #followforfollowback #followfollow #followers #wcw #followers #fff #womancrushwednesday #kalidesautelsreads

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