Year of Yes ~ Shonda Rhimes

2 hours on the beach, 100 pages straight of Year of Yes and my Ah-Ha moment is here!! EVERYONE is scared. EVERYONE is a little shy. NO ONE has it all figured out. Just because someone is successful or looks like they have the world in the palm of their hand does NOT mean that they are anxiety free; it does NO mean that they are confident; it does NOT mean that they do not cry in the middle of the night thinking that they had screwed up! It doesn’t! It just means that they are doing exactly the same thing that you and I are doing – squeezing their eyes shut, pinching their noses, and stepping off the diving board, hoping for the best. They are all shouting “I DID IT!! Mom! Look!! Did you see?? I DID IT!!! And I didn’t even DIE!!!” …

Give it a like if you can relate. My fear of failure has kept me back soooooo many times, you guys. It has stopped me from even climbing up to the diving board because I KNEW in my bones that I suck. I didn’t even have to try, because my failing was a given. I don’t know what changed my mind. Well, that’s not true – I do know. It was my kids. I could not teach them to be what they wanted to be if I could not demonstrate that to them. If I made my life small, out of fear, what would that teach them, other than giving into fear is an acceptable way to live. …

If you give into your anxiety, what is your reason as I have, what could be your reason to push back? What could be your reason to make your life bigger and more full than you can presently imagine?

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