Rachel Hollis Inspires Again

Seriously needed some motivation to write today, and my husband said “What would your person do?” (Meaning Rachel Hollis)… I said she would get it done. And lo and behold, not 10 seconds later I came across this post. Seriously. I need a What Would RH Do sign. 😂

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Today I signed a contract for my 9th book… and if you swipe to the left you can see the picture of me signing a contract for my first book back in 2014. Here are some things to note.

1. Apparently, I live my life in cheap white tank tops 2. That first contract was something I received AFTER I self-published a book nobody wanted and proved myself as an author. This 9th contract is happening because I continue to prove myself as an author— but dude, there was so much work in between there and here! So many books in between… so much hoping and praying and hustling in between… so much study in how to write, how to market, how to show up for this tribe in between. I feel like too many people are hard on themselves because they’re not where they think they should be yet or that their dreams are taking too long. When I dig deeper I find out that they’ve only been at their goal for 6 months or that this is their first project and they’re upset it’s not bigger or better or more popular. Sis, your legacy won’t be built in a day— and your impact will NEVER be effective if you’re only focused on accolades and fans and recognition. You want to write a great book? Put your head down and get back to work! You want to build a big business? Put your head down and get back to work! You want to increase your revenue? Start a non-profit? Change the world? Put your head down and get back to work! 👊🏻 Need some more motivation? Hit the link in my bio on for this weeks video on this exact topic! #GirlWashYourFace #rachelhollis #writersofinstagram #write #motivation #inspo #wwrhd #followforfollowback #followfollow #followers #kalidesautelsreads #work #inspire

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