Stop Waiting On Someone To Change Your Life – Rachel Hollis

Last weekend, I had a very eye opening discussion with my brother about goals. I asked him about his Bucket List, and he said something I had never heard before – he doesn’t believe in Bucket Lists. I was a little surprised, as he travels significantly and is very successful (both in his field and by any other standard of success). He elaborated by saying that waiting until you are facing mortality to do the things you want makes no sense to him. If you want something, do it. Plan for it, reach for it, grab the brass ring. If you want to live in Paris, figure out how to live there. If you want to travel through the Andes, book a trip, if you want to compete in a competition, find a trainer and start a training plan. The way he stated it, it sounded so easy. Why wait until someone comes along to fix things for you? Why live in the hopes for the future, when we could actually make things happen? Who is going to care about your dream more than you? Who even knows that you dream of running a marathon before you turn 50?⠀


“Stop waiting on someone else to fix your life” ~ Rachel Hollis Girl, Wash Your Face⠀


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