My 1000th Post

My 1000th post on @kalidesautelsreads. Seriously, you guys, this feels so freaking huge to me. In 2016, I posted my first picture to this page. I started by posting only book reviews, because I read a little more than average, and really love getting people to pick up a book, or a book they may not have heard of. Then the 2016 election happened and my political opinions spread into this space, and I expanded the scope of this page to include equality and female empowerment. Over time, I have used this platform to post everything from my adoration of coffee, time spent with my kids, social justice, and began to connect with amazing individuals, while still maintaining my primary goal of bringing honest, bite sized book reviews to as many people as possible. Scrolling back through the past 999 posts, I see a season of growth; an eclectic selection of where I have been as a person and I can see where I am heading so clearly that I am brimming with excitement. So I want to thank you. Thank you for becoming my friends, thank you for sharing your opinions, thank you for the sparkle you put into the world. Thank you for helping me to grow, and thank you for coming alongside me for wherever this thing will end up. I recommend each and every one of you and rate this community ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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