Making Sense of Cosby

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I just cannot bring myself to say the things that need to be said right now. We are all processing this, and feeling the bitter bite that comes from a long overdue justice. I am so glad that the women who suffered at his hands can feel even the slightest modicum of retribution, but I cannot bring myself to cheer the same way that I did when he was found guilty. I feel like I have a quiet, knowing acceptance of the fact that I am not shocked that the first and thus far ONLY person to be sent to prison in the fall out of the #metoo movement is a black man. As my very insightful sister pointed out, it’s not the black men that have trouble being sent to prison. Now we need the white men, the Harvey Weinsteins of the world to be sent to prison. …

That’s as far as I have managed to come since the news broke yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to come to something meaningful than this stray wisp of a thought one day, but for now, you guys, this is where I am. Feel free to comment down below if you have any constructive thoughts to add to @chrismiss_’s eloquence. And you guys? Do me a favour and go follow her feed. And @rachel.cargle’s. If what they post makes you uncomfortable – good. Sit with that discomfort and realize that things are uncomfortable because they need to change, and they are true. .




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