Don’t Let Your Dream Die Inside You – Rachel Hollis

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Shout out to all the entrepreneurs who are working while other people have a weekend! Shout out to all the mamas who had to find childcare today so they could go to Starbucks and get a few hours to focus on their business. Shout out to anyone who works full-time for someone else and part-time for their dreams. Shout out to the hustlers. Shout out to those who FIND A WAY. Shout out to anyone who will live their life in a way other people won’t so they can have a life other people can’t!


It isn’t easy to build a business. It’s a long road, it’s a hard road and there are people in your life who will caution you against it. “Slow down,” they’ll say. “There’s no reason to work this hard.” Or “We haven’t seen you in forever,” they’ll try to guilt you. Or my personal favorite for entrepreneur-mamas, “What is it going to do to your family if you take time away from them?!” Look friends, when you begin to change and grow it will often make other people in your life nervous. Either because they are genuinely concerned about something they don’t understand or because your growth reminds them that they’re stagnant. It’s unfortunate that every budding entrepreneur doesn’t come with their own hype squad but you can’t let it stop you and you shouldn’t let it distract you. They don’t need to understand your dreams, they don’t even need to support them. This is YOUR dream which means YOU’RE the one who’s going to have to do the work. YOU’RE the one who’s going to have to fight for the time and the focus to be productive. You’ve put too much work into your dream… don’t let it die inside of you. Find the time. Find the will. Find the focus. Put your head down and get back to work! 👇🏼Tag someone who needs this encouragement! #MadeForMore #entrepreneurquotes #rfempower #kalidesautelsreads #book #bookstagram #bookclub #books #reading #online #rachelhollis #girlwashyourface #women #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #discussion #join #collab #coffee #wine #read #reader #instagood #follow #followers #followforlike #followforfollowback #like #love #hollisco

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