Colin Kaepernick x Nike

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Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt

What is the Malcolm X quote “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything?” When Colin Kaepernick chose to take his stand by refusing to during the national anthem, even the President turned against him, leading a wave of hatred against him and those who took the knee with him. …

The strength of character that it takes to do what you believe to be right, to participate in passive resistance and to use the massive platform and risk the celebrity that you worked your whole life for, is something that is not always appreciated or understood. The fact that Nike chose to quietly, and secretly pay him, while waiting for the “right time” to announce him as the face of the 30th anniversary of their Just Do It. campaign does not put them in the same league as the man that stares out of the ad. They chose to wait it out and see which direction popular opinion swayed before publicly choosing to back him. I am happy that Kaepernick is getting the recognition he deserves and hopefully this will remind others to take a stand for what is right, but please do not for one moment forget that Nike is a corporation, and that if they truly felt the strength of Kaepernick’s value, they would have stood with him publicly for the last 2 years, rather than “secretly” paying him. Applaud Kaepernick and kneel with him, but do not, as Malcolm X stated, “fall for anything” that is sold to you in an ad campaign. …

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