9/11 Memorial

This is a hard posting week, you guys. 17 years ago today was my first day of classes at UBC. I had had the fun of Frosh week, and was about to head to my first day of classes when my mom called me and told me to watch the news before I went to school, because she thought I should know before I got there. As I watched the first tower burning against that ridiculously blue sky, the second plane struck the second tower and my heart ended up in my throat. That was something I was unprepared to see. Something I did not know how to understand. So I stared at the screen agape and then went to class. The campus was somber. The professors were understanding, except for one, who opened our class with the post-apocalyptic scene from the opening of Terminator 2. It was so disturbing because for the first time in my life it felt like I was living in a terrorized film. This was my first true encounter with that level of mass violence, and it hit very, very hard. …

So, I did what I always do when I am in a panic and I wrote. I wrote a letter to President Bush, to whom I had hitherto disagreed mightily, and expressed my support on behalf of Canadians, as millions of my fellow citizens rushed to the aid of our bleeding neighbour. …

Today, the world is different from nearly two decades ago, and I can honestly say that I do not think it is for the good. We hate more, anger easier, and understand less than we did when were caught unawares 17 years ago. I think that the best way to remember those who were so violently and tragically murdered that day is to make their memories mean something. To do better; to end ignorance; to strive for more understanding. As for me, the numbers 9/11 will always haunt me, and I will always feel a lump of pain in my chest when I think of those who were lost. …

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