Gratitude and Pride!

I am so lucky to have these people. When I was growing up, my parents said that family was everything, and that my siblings and I had better get along because when we were grown up, we would be sorry if we weren’t friends. When I was little, sometimes I would think “god! My parents have no idea how ANNOYING {insert offending sibling here} is! Why do we have to get along??” But they were right. I am so grateful that my siblings and I are friends. I am so glad that I can still finish a phone call with them in my 30s with “love you” and always get a “love you, too”. I am so glad that my kids have so many people to love and turn to for comfort and inspiration. I am proud that my son wants to try to keep up to his athletic aunt and uncle. I am honoured that my sister will sit on FaceTime from across the country to talk my daughter down from a crisis. I am blessed that we care about each other, and can have fun together and enjoy each others’ company.

(And B – imma tag you in this even though you aren’t in the pic, because you are my sister and I love you and this caption is for you, too!!)

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