End Toxic Masculinity

I came across this quote the other day while scrolling through the black hole that is the internet, and while I know that the person who posted it most likely saw this as a romanticized ideal of manhood, I could not hate this more if it was a picture of a snake. Or a beet. Or a snake eating a beet. Anyway, I digress…⠀




To me, this quote is the epitome of toxic masculinity!! Why do men hate crying?? Because we teach them from a young age that “boys don’t cry”; that if they cry they are “wusses” or “pansies”, or worse yet “GIRLS”!!!! If you make your partner cry, it is unlikely that you can be sure that he “loves you more than anything” – rather, like you, he is not a robot, he has feelings, he has emotions, and he has physiological reactions to his emotions, just like *gasp* dare I say it??? A HUMAN!! ⠀



Please do not attach nonsensical sentimentality to the basic human need to cry, and instead realize that THIS is why we need feminism – we need to teach our sons that boys DO cry – they were given tear ducts, just like girls!! We need to smash the patriarchy so that when we watch grown men overcome with emotion at losing the World Cup we don’t snicker amongst ourselves and look away uncomfortably. We need to remember that if a man rarely cries, it’s not because he hates doing it, it’s because he has been indoctrinated to fear the repercussions of shedding tears and we need to take all steps to end this cultural bias.⠀

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