A Simple Favor ~ Darcey Bell


I picked up A Simple Favor mainly because @blakelively has done an awesome job promoting her new movie based on the book. I was curious about #whathappenedtoemily. Well, I am sorry to say that this is an instance where I hope the movie is better than the book. Written in 3 first person point of view narratives, plus blog posts, this is meant to be a psychological thriller wherein one of the main characters goes missing, and her husband, best friend and son are left behind to sort out what has happened. Instead of building tension, the first character, Stephanie, is an annoying character, that seems to have been created to make fun of today’s mommying culture; Sean, the husband, is a weird, not very developed character… Bell threw in literally every, typical mystery trope and waited to see the result. It was a knock off version of Gone Girl, but without Gillian Flynne’s ability to build intrigue. I would only recommend this to someone who was desperately in need of something to read… (304 pgs)

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