Braving the Wilderness ~ Brené Brown (2017)


Following @reesesbookclubxhellosunshine advice, I picked up Brené Brown’s newest book Braving the Wilderness. Part memoir, part self-actualization book, Brown wrote about her childhood, and disappointments and traumas that led her to a life she was not content to have. Using the wilderness as when one is alone in their opinion, but stands by their values, regardless of their fears or potential repercussion. She discusses the value in standing by one’s beliefs, even if the opinion is unpopular, and one fears losing friends due to them. She writes that by hiding our values and likes from the world, we are denying our friends and family our true selves and not inviting them to get to know us.

She talks about how she raises her children to brave the wilderness and that there are amazing, wonderful people in the wilderness if we allow ourselves to stand out there. (208 pgs)

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