Mental Health via JK Rowling

Ever vocal about mental health struggles, and an undeniable, wand-carrying member of the Harry Potter Fandom, this quote has long resonated with me as the epitome of what depression and mental illness can feel like. The shame associated with mental illness often derived from the societal belief that the pain one feels is not “real” because it is in one’s head. Those of us who suffer are told to get over it because it’s not real, we are imagining things and that we need to get passed it. The moment when I read these words, as uttered by beloved patriarchal figure Albus Dumbledore, I finally had a way to explain depression and mental anguish not just to myself, but to anyone who felt that my suffering and the suffering of millions was not a “real” problem. It’s in my head, but that does not mean it isn’t real. #kalidesautelsreads #harrypotter #potterhead #deathlyhallows #inmyhead #dumbledore #potter #harry #quotes #mentalhealth #mentalillness #awareness #depression #depressionquotes #real #mentalhealthawareness #mental #advocate #jkrowling @jkrowling #blogger #blog #fandom #fan #Strong

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