Self- Care Saturday

This week, my babies have flown to see my sister and my nephew. It’s crazy how quiet a house is when there aren’t any kids around. I had planned to sleep in, wake up around 10:30, then have coffee, maybe go for a walk in the sunshine with my husband, before going to the Alan Doyle concert tonight with one of my best friends. Instead, I woke at 8:30, made coffee, did dishes, worked for a while, and then I sat down with my book. And suddenly it is 2:30pm, and I feel so relaxed, and content. Sometimes, it’s not just extra sleep that leads to relaxation. Sometimes it’s just the need to stop for a bit, and do nothing. And most importantly, staying in my Jammies all day!

How is your Saturday? Are you taking care of yourself, or out enjoying the sunshine?

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