Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get The Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers ~ Lois P. Frankel, PhD (2014)


Dr Frankel’s bestselling book for successful women, Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office is a What Not To Do list for women looking to further their careers.

Frankel’s “nice girl” is not referring to kind women, but rather the “nice girl” as a social construct impeding the advancement of women in the workplace. The “nice girl” is the way in which many females have been raised – obedient, soft spoken, smiling, self deprecating, reluctant to cause conflict.

She is not a mature woman, in the sense that she is more likely to tilt her head in deference and whisper her idea to someone near her, than to follow Sheryl Sandberg’s lead and “lean in”. Frankel sorts her book into 8 sections and 133 “mistakes”, ranging from “Pretending It Isn’t a Game” to “Crying”. Frankel offers examples of each “mistake” followed by several coaching examples that she would recommend to her clients.

Frankel argues that by behaving in the way that we have been raised, to be “nice” and “good” we subconsciously derail our careers. She discusses how women, in general, face challenges in the work force, and that each layer of intersectionality added to it (race, sexuality, gender identification) causes a greater challenge.

As a recovering “nice girl”, I can relate to the topics that she discusses, and found myself putting into practice some of her suggestions – for example, my efforts to come across cheerful to colleagues through the use of a smiley face 🙂 was in effect diminishing my authority in the work place. I found myself removing ! and replacing with a proper period. I highly recommend that women who, like me, would like to establish themselves as a successful, intelligent and viable employee, and not just a “nice girl” at work read Frankel’s book.

(354 pgs)

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